Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Friday is Veterans Day and zoo admission is free for veterans. My friend Karla is a veteran, so we’re planning to go to the zoo if the weather permits. It was looking pretty doubtful last week, but the forecast improves every day. Today it says “mostly sunny with a 10% chance of showers.” That’s good enough for us, but we’ll make the final decision on Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I thought Veterans Day was one of the Monday holidays, but according to Wikipedia they changed back to celebrating it on the actual day way back in 1978. Boy, do I feel out of it. Wikipedia also says it’s traditional to serve ravioli. This I did not know, but I’d be more than happy to go along with this tradition. 😀

Wikipedia also says that the official spelling has no apostrophe. It’s Veterans Day, not Veteran’s Day or Veterans’ Day.

For those of you who have become superstitious about digital alignment–all those 1s lining up on your digital clocks and computers–you might want to stay in bed on Friday, which will be 11/11/11.

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